Anesthesia Release Form - Dentistry

  • The goal of Campbell Park Animal Hospital is to provide the safest surgical/anesthetic experience possible. The more information the doctors have before and during a procedure, the greater the reduction of risk that a problem will occur. Included in your pet's procedure(s) is electronic monitoring, I.V catheter, and I.V fluid administration (at the doctor's discretion). Electronic Monitoring (B.P., Pulse Oximeter, EKG) helps screen for and identify certain cardiac problems, while an IV catheter provides venous access and proper cardiovascular support during anesthesia. IV Fluid administration helps maintain stable blood pressure and keep your pet properly hydrated during the procedure.

    Post - operative pain medication will be included as deemed necessary by the veterinarian at an additional cost to ensure your pet's continued comfort after the procedure.

    Blood chemistries are recommended to help our doctors screen your pet for potential underlying issues prior to surgery. This panel is performed for an additional cost at a discounted rate.
  • The following recommendations are in addition to the cost of the surgery:

    * If no contact is made, the patient will not get the necessary treatment.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY